Laurent Durrey

Pop Art


Laurent Durrey travels around the world to find new posters that he selects, fragments and cuts to obtain a multitude of pigments. From these shards, he composes his artworks.
He defines himself as a new realist, creating from the existing. Natural successor of César, Yves Klein, Niki de Saint Phalle, or even Marcel Duchamp, Laurent Durrey is in a contemporary urban movement. Jacques Villeglé and Raymond Hains are the leaders of poster designers. An art from the "urban chaos" appeared since 1947.
The work of Laurent Durrey consists to combine an event (a concert, a memory of a movie or the color of a landscape) lived or imagined, with these posters and their signification due to their location. A new story will born from this marriage and will constitute the lead wire in the creation of his works.
Women and their power of seduction constitute one of the artist's favourite themes. He plays with the feminine picture in different situations. Women of Hollywood movies, pin-up, fatal women with suggestive position, singers and actress are a big part of his work.
By this way, he mixes pictures of the street, Hollywood icons, entertainment world, local specialities and others. Finally, all these pictures belong to this common and globalized culture which is all around us. It allow us to remember our own experience.