Louis Montanaro, also known under the artist's name "Falcone", is since his younger age influenced by the art. In fact, born from a painter and sculptor father, it's at the age of 3 years old that he realized his first work in his father's studio. Occupying a part of his father's studio, Louis is conscient of his luck but the talent is not hereditary. So, this is with a lot of work, time and patience that Falcone could find his own identity.

If the reputation of the father it's no longer to be done, the future of Louis it's to be built and this is only his choice to paint or not the canvas of his life. Why "Falcone" ? "To differentiate myself of my father, but also because it's the name of my grand mother, that I found very beautiful".

This is thanks to a love story that Falcone really invests in his art. No, the cursed poets don't invent anything... woman is a muse and love a creative strength ! He starts by painting biggest formats and begins the sculpture at the spring 2014.

He imagines powerful animals and non-conformist signs ("fuck" sculptures). But, Falcone isn't non-conformist nor antisocial.

"I don't want to differentiate myself by provocation, even if there is a little provocation in works of each artist and in the mind of each human ! My first sculpture is named "Lucky" and this is the name of my cat. I wanted to shape it because when I stroked him behind the ears, he closes his eyes and he lowered his ears systematically. You think that this is non-conformist ? For the bull, that what interesting me it's the movement of the logo of Lamborghini. Finally, I've created the "fuck" because I have only a little piece of polystyrene and I thought to myself "fuck, I will do a fuck !".

Of course, thanks to his dad, Louis already have a story. The story of Louis is made by colors, matters to touch, to cut, to transform. This story is just beginning.