David Debenest



When he came to the Eiffel Tower of David Debenest, the curious notes that this french symbol is wounded : in his center, the mutilated metal beams hide a big red heart that can be seen as a character which permits to the whole to hold.

In an other life, David was automobile bodybuilder. He tells that he always wants to do some artistic activities. His teachers have long pushed him in this direction but, by fear of unknown, he became a craftsman. Until an accident that forces him to question a lot of things, as his work. Today, he installed his studio in Salles and he produces several paintings in resin, very colorful, that he exhibits everywhere.

After the attacks of last years, David wanted to react. He wanted to show something strong but the challenge was to show the pain without denature it. The Eiffel Tower is a symbol in which he placed a heart, wounded by all the attacks in Europe. The sculpture has evolving during the 20 months of his development, in the same time that new dramas occurred in different cities. Born the day after November 13, 2015, this tower wants to commemorate all european pains. The Marianne hold the flag to show that even wounded, we're still here. Finally, this "Heart of Paris" required 600 meters of flat iron, 120 litters of paint, 1600 hours of work.