Corinne Lamarque



Born in Toulouse in 1970, Corinne Lamarque Aunon spent her childhood in lands of Gascony, in Auch. She lived since 30 years in Toulouse. Her abstract paintings fit in graphic or pictural lines inspired by urban, spatial and plant visions revealing the essence of her work. The imaginary and observation are at the heart of paintings and installations of the artist.

She loves black, white, gold and works on chromatic gradients too. Her goal is to realize harmonious works with acrylic and oil paints, with pigments and inks, that she mixes with different technics over her abstract series that she executes since about 15 years.

Between harmony and tension, the artist offers perpetual formal variations which the exploration and the interpretation stay endless.

" I like to realize paintings that make our imaginary run by giving free reign to the interpretation of each."

The surface of the canvas is very important to permits a largest gesture, impulsive and controlled at the same time. By this way, the artist reveal a free marking that determine with strength her work. Always in quest for renewal, she executed a new series of paintings, more graphics and geometrics that you could discover in our gallery.