Red Dito

Pop art Artist

Red Dito

Red Dito is a French painter born in 1971.
After many years in the music business and the media, he approaches the image in 2000 through graphic design, photography, TV credits and advertising, then in 2014 painting is an immediate revelation.In search of absolute freedom and a personal need for
To express himself artistically, he experiments with several styles and techniques before revealing himself in the art brut and the free figuration which will define him as an emerging and essential artist. In his works, there are no limits, everything is possible, the reference points no longer exist, he reinvents under his brushes, the colors, space and time, composes in his own way characters, stories, sometimes his, sometimes ours.the strength of Red Dito is to send to the carpet all the conventional rules.his works, mostly improvised, give off vibrations that from the moment you look at them, fill you
of emotions.

Artist with an asymmetrical look, with a dynamic and atypical universe, he works in mixed techniques with a preference for large formats. His favorite subjects are music, nature, women ... life. Since 2014, he is exhibited in galleries, contemporary art fairs in France and abroad, sales at the Hotel Drouot and performs live. He has also developed a quality "art's friends" community on the networks where you can follow him.

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    Last meeting, it was on Thursday, June 30, 2022, at the Pullman Toulouse hotel located on the Jean Jaurès alleys. Here is the video of the event.

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