Antoine Graff



The destiny of Antoine Graff isn't folded ahead. In fact, Antoine's father is a painter, so, he's interested by art since his younger age. And what about his surname which sing as a aka ! But his carrier will be different, between coloring, roaming round and folding. 

The little Antoine starts to paint at 8 years old. At 14 years old, he obtains his first order ! In 1954, he leave Alsace and joins the Fine Arts of Paris... but to continue skip school. His intuition encourages him to seek Zadkine and Lhote's studios. The sculptor Zadkine likes the foot of statues of Graff. The painter Lhote likes his draws. Finally, Graff was supported by two masters !

At 26 years old, he lives of his creations, thanks to his two masters. However, he went to war with himself. He said that he's only a "skilled", not an artist.

So, he creates his own company of prestigious showcases for pharmacies and he obtains a big success. But Antoine Graff cannot be content with this activity. He launches a new company of advertising prints. Soon, his know-how attracts artists. His company gradually deviates from printing to art publishing. Then, he creates an art gallery "La Main bleue" in Strasbourg in 1974, where he exhibits Alechinsky, Bram van Velde and Télémaque. 

A morning, he have a revealing vision. This is the paper around the butter with its exuberant, exciting and poetic folds. But he needs time (5 years) to find how use folds. Because Antoine wants to return at the beginning, don't be skilled but just make.

Antoine Graff likes the random of folds, the moment when all take place. His philosophy is abyssal and his practice, artisanal. No, there isn't commitment, representation nor abstract. 

His motto is very simple : "Just the presence of crumpled paper, that's all."